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Conservation Medicine

They who bind to themselves a joy
Do the winged life destroy
But they who kiss the joy as it flies
Live in eternity's sunrise.
--William Blake (adaptation)

Conservation Medicine Articles

Lafeber Conservation:

Nourishing and protecting birds and their worlds near and far

Lafeber Conservation serves birds and people by providing:

  • On-site consultation to wild bird conservation projects in Central America
  • Networking opportunities for information, support, and fund raising for avian conservation projects in Latin America (See Lafeber Wildlife and Liberating Wings).
  • Education and support for veterinarians and veterinary medical students in learning and practicing avian conservation medicine.
  • Programs for increasing awareness of the conservation status and needs of birds in the wild for the general public and for people who companion birds.
  • Opportunities to connect with the beauty of birds and people so hearts can open to the possibility of improving bird well being while improving human well being.

Supplemental Feeding of Wild Macaws

Supplemental Feeding of Wild Macaws

See this Spanish language video on supplemental feeding using Nutri-Start and Emeraid.

LoraKim Joyner, Director of Lafeber Conservation.

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Lafeber Company Supports Conservation!

Honduras Trip Members

Honduras Trip Members

Dr. LoraKim Joyner works on a parrot chick with Wildlife Conservation Society members in Guatemala during April 2009.

Honduras Trip Members

Dr. Melvin Merida of the Wildlife Conservation Society examines a Scarlet macaw chick (Ara macao cyanoptera) in Guatemala during 2009.

Honduras Trip Members

Lafeber Company donated product for a Cornell University veterinary outreach program to Honduras in 2009 and 2010. Team members shown here include Dr. Jamie Morrisey (second row, second from left), seven veterinary medical students, and Dr. Marisa Bezjian.

red-footed booby

Lafeber products were used to help care for this red-footed booby (Sula sula) with bumblefoot and organophosphate toxicity.

A Margay  Rehabilitate

Lafeber Emeraid Carnivore was used to rehabilitate a margay (Leopardus wiedii).

For more information about the 2009 Honduras trip, see Cornell University Chronicle Online.

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