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Emergency Medicine

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Avian Medicine

The Science of Foraging Enrichment

Will Work For Food

What can you do to improve the quality of life for exotic animals in captivity?

Dr. Yvonne R.A. van Zeeland, Dipl. ECZM (Avian) of Utrecht University explains the key points of foraging enrichment in NEW Fascinating Facts on Foraging and Enrichment.

Small Mammals

Rabbit Breeds

English lop rabbit

Did you know that many pet rabbits are “mutts”?

Test your knowledge of varieties commonly seen in practice with this brief review: Rabbit Breeds.

Shown here, an English lop rabbit

Reptiles & Amphibians

Feeding the Hospitalized Reptile

Galapagos tortoise

Featuring 3 articles reviewed by reptile nutritionist & researcher, Susan Donoghue, Feeding the Hospitalized…

for advice on when, what & how to feed your reptile patient.